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What Is LVP?

LVP is shorthand for Luxury Vinyl Plank. The term LVP covers all vinyl flooring designed in planks, giving the look of wood floors with all the features and benefits of vinyl - a much more durable material. This type of floor is snapped and/or clicked together and floated directly on your sub-floor both above and below grade. You may occasionally hear people use the term “LVT,” which stands for Luxury Vinyl Tile. LVT encompasses all vinyl flooring products designed to mimic tile or stone.


In Summary...

Because LVP is dent and scratch resistant, water resistant and is easy to maintain, vinyl plank flooring has become a go-to choice for active families looking to stress less within busy households. Also Luxury Vinyl Plank can handle typical spills and puddles, as well as moisture intensive cleaning allowing homeowners to have beautiful wood and stone looks in kitchens, hallways, bathrooms, mudrooms and living rooms that will last decades!

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